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Main Features
Lead Management

Lead is a person or organization that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service. Complete process of tracking and managing leads(prospective customers) from generation to their conversion into sales and maintains long-term relationships. The first step of sales process is adding of leads to the system. The goal is to convert lead into customer or contact. Enterspine CRM system helps you to organize leads and assign them to the right sales executives so they can be followed up on and qualified quickly.

Contact Management

Enterspine CRM allows the effective management of all the contact related informations. Managable contact categories helps to organize your contacts based on the criteria of your organization.All the informations like opportunities, activities, comments, slaes related documents etc., related to a contact can be easily accessible in single window.Contact search option and recent updates makes your contact management easier.

Opportunity Management

Enterspine CRM Opportunity management enables the executives to add most promising opportunity to sales in records. Also executives can self check the status of opportunities,assign sales stages to the opportunities,run analysis on each stage of sales pipeline to make quicker decisions.Gives you the perfect overview of your deal plan and provides direct access to all your activities.Helps you to complete each phase in the sales pipeline successfully and so keep opportunities moving ahead.

Product Management

A Product is a business offering from a business to it's customers. Enterspine CRM system allows you to manage products and related information so that users can use product information fully and correctly in business activities. Price Books in a Enterspine CRM system allow sales staff to easily prepare quote prices and re-use these documents when serving different types of customers that need differentiated pricing strategies.

Activity Management

Enterspine CRM Activity management offers planning and managing of various activities of your organization like meetings, follow-ups, demos and emails etc. Activity notification mechanism gives users the alerts of upcoming activities.Calendar/List view makes the activity management easier. Activities can be created as part of wide variety of business transactions,such as leads, contacts, opportunities , or service requests and can be managed easily.

Service Management

Enterspine CRM System do capture, track, and manage, customer issues or service requests.Enable executives to register service requests from customers and also allow to assign these task to service representatives and keep track of the service requests on process. This helps them to resolve customer problems as quickly as possible. Service personals are, thus, empowered to take accurate decisions on every service request as quickly as possible.

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Why Nesote Enterspine CRM?

Nesote Enterspine CRM is a user friendly customer relationship management software which helps to boost your business with the better customer relationships.

Developed in PHP, Jquery and MySQL, Nesote Enterspine CRM assists an organization in handling it's best customer relations.

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